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Digital Sociology: building the field (July 2021)


Professors: Leopoldo Waizbort / Veridiana Domingos Cordeiro / Leticia Gomes Pereira Location: 20th Brazilian Sociological Society Congress (Online) The 20th Brazilian Sociological Society Congress hosted this four-day course on the theoretical and methodological challenges of the field formation of Digital Sociology/formation of Digital Sociology as a field. Digitization processes and the introduction of portable devices have blurred the distinction between the real and digital worlds. Since the last decade, Sociology has been addressing increasingly articulate reflections on these transformations, moving from broad “sociologies of the digital” toward a consolidation of a clearly defined field of studies that has come to be known as “Digital Sociology”. Digital Sociology ranges from ontological and epistemological reflections to methodological challenges. Over this course, we discussed questions such as "should we rethink theoretical- conceptual frameworks and methodological approaches to study this contemporary reality?", "Have new forms of agency and sociability have emerged in contemporaneity?", and, “What is the role of social media and algorithms in this social equation?"





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