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Intro to Digital Sociology I (July 2019)


Professors: Leticia Gomes Pereira / Enrico Roberto / Cauê Martins / Camila Crumo Location: This course was hosted by the Faculty of Philosophy, Languages, and Human Sciences Extension Program of the University of Sao Paulo. The relevance of digital technologies for social life has increased massively since the early 2000s. The internet and internet-related devices have become widely integrated into our personal lives, including our social contacts, professional work, and consumer practices. Accordingly, a significant part of social relations have become "digitized". Understanding how these newly digitized relationships perform and continue to be shaped is an important challenge for contemporary Sociology. In order to help current Sociologists begin tackling this challenge, this course will introduce four main topics relevant to this interesting and vital subject: 1) Big Data Challenges 2) Digital Sociology as a specialized sociology 3) Digital inequalities and digital work 4) The stylization of prestige in social networks





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